About Us

Developing enduring solutions that empower Alaskans


Information Insights is an SBA certified Women-Owned consulting firm based in Fairbanks with staff across Alaska.

For over 25 years, we’ve provided research-based consulting, planning, and business services to clients throughout rural and urban Alaska and occasionally beyond.

Our Focus

Our focus is expanding our clients’ capacity to fulfill their objectives through custom research and impartial analysis, strategic and business planning, public outreach and engagement, facilitation services, and administrative and program support.

Our Staff

Our staff bring in-depth knowledge of Alaska history, cultures, and communities to all projects. We seek to bring people together to identify concerns, articulate shared values, and work toward achievable solutions. Our team includes individuals with academic and professional backgrounds in applied economics, business planning, organizational development, nonprofit administration and accounting, and grant writing and management.

Our Approach

Our approach matches expertise with creativity and vision to develop the best solutions for our clients. Each project is unique, and we work closely with clients to understand desired goals and outcomes. We assemble a custom team for each project and tailor the process to fit the project scope. When it benefits a project to bring in additional expertise, we frequently work with a range of professional partners who are experts in their fields. With a mind toward collaboration and community, we build strong teams to realize successful results.

Our Clients

Our clients are tribes, municipalities, state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

We believe the best solutions emerge when people are brought together with common goals and clarity, especially in a world that is always changing.

What does Information Insights do?

We don’t just work for you. We work with you.

“If you’re trying to do good in your community somewhere in Alaska, we will help you set your goals, figure out what you need, and make it happen.”

Lauren Criss-Carboy

Senior Associate, Information Insights

“Information Insights has been woman managed since the beginning, and our certification as a SBA Woman Owned Small Business is a mark of our commitment to fostering inclusivity and collaboration. I am very proud to be a part of that history!

Jamie Hansen

Principal Consultant & CEO

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