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Information Insights provides a wide range of services and we invite you to look through the detailed descriptions and examples within each service category listed below.

However, often a client’s goals don’t fall neatly into one category. For instance, a client might need a business plan that requires market research. A meeting facilitation might be preceded by surveying, and a brief summary report and post-facilitation meeting to capture key takeaways and action items. Information Insights recognizes that each project is unique, and we work closely with clients to understand desired goals and outcomes. We assemble a custom team for each project and tailor the process to fit the project scope. When it benefits a project to bring in additional expertise, we frequently work with a range of professional partners who are experts in their fields.

Research & Analysis

We work with our clients to deepen their understanding of issues affecting Alaska, to better serve our state and communities.

Strategic & Business Planning

Picture this: it’s annual planning time. You and your team spend days talking through your strategic plan.

Organizational Support & Development

Across Alaska a full spectrum of organizations provide critical services in multiple sectors.


Information Insights’ facilitation services provide teams the ability to focus on the heart of conversations that matter.

Public Engagement

It is critical to have clear and accessible channels of communication in any public process.


A well-designed and administered survey can unlock a deeper understanding of a particular issue or audience.

Additional Services

Our firm is fortunate to have a broad network of consultants from across the state.

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