Focusing on the Heart of the Matter

Facilitate roughly translates to “to make easy” from latin. Information Insights’ facilitation services provide teams the ability to focus on the heart of conversations that matter. How? Our trained facilitators guide teams to find common ground and reach shared goals, offering innovative ways of having conversations, sharing insights, and consistently providing generous support.

We start any facilitation by hearing directly from the team we will be supporting. Through one-on-one conversations, surveying, or a combination, we unearth the answer to the question “what is going on here?” so we can meet you where you are and customize a plan for where you want to be. From there, we carefully design an agenda to support meeting outcomes and goals, supporting the full team in adopting and adhering to effective modes of communication and collaboration.

Ideally, we work ourselves out of a job by providing teams with the tools they need to get to the next level of working together long after our work together ends. But we have repeat clients who value having us in the room to “hold” the process, so they (and you!) can focus on content.

Examples of Facilitation

“Information Insights is very good at bringing people together to have a conversation. They’re able to help find a way between divergent groups to find a path forward.”

Anna Sorensen

Business and Accounting Director, Information Insights

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