Research & Analysis

In-depth & Impartial Analysis

We work with our clients to deepen their understanding of issues affecting Alaska, to better serve our state and communities. With our 25 years of experience statewide, we are uniquely positioned to offer clients impartial research and analysis backed by meticulous attention to detail, a deep understanding of the state in which we work, and awareness of the unique contexts at play in each region and community across the state of Alaska.

Information Insights conducts in-depth research and data collection and provides impartial analysis our clients need to make informed decisions. Findings are presented in readily usable format. We provide these services in a range of policy areas impacting Alaskans, including economics, rural infrastructure, housing, energy, business opportunities, and human resources. Our clients request research to assess the need for an initiative, answer a question that will inform project or policy development, craft the business or social case for an effort (often for grant or other funding efforts), and evaluate current or completed practices or projects.

Our methods are tailored to the goals of our clients and the desired outcome(s) of our projects. We collect data with interviews, surveys, focus groups, and hands-on review of primary and secondary data sources from the U.S. Census to prices in a local grocery store. Care and attention is applied to each step from crafting the research questions to the rigorous quantitative or qualitative analysis of the data collected. Research results are presented in clear, concise language. With graphics, photos, and direct language, research results and reports are easy to use and understand. Our research is used to guide decision-making and we develop reports and briefs with this at the forefront of our minds.

Examples of Research Projects

“Research projects are investigations! The most interesting work I’ve done is talking with village liaisons, subsistence hunters, store clerks, telecom providers, gas station owners to name just a few — with the aim of finding data points that just aren’t available in any report or google search. It’s all about talking and learning from folks around the state.”

Jamie Hansen

Principal Consultant & CEO, Information Insights

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