Deeper Understanding

A well-designed and administered survey can unlock a deeper understanding of a particular issue or audience. This leads to much better outcomes on a range of projects, versus simply shooting in the dark.

That’s why there is a survey component in many Information Insights projects, whether it’s primary research, public engagement, meeting facilitation, strategic planning, or program administration.

Survey research is also a standalone service offered by our firm. Like everything else we do, we draw on best practices and survey design/administration expertise from our 25 years working in Alaska, and pair our knowledge with our clients’ needs.

We use a variety of survey techniques depending on the goals of the project, including audience polling, focus groups, key informant interviews, and online, mail, and telephone surveys. A reliable and replicable methodology combined with well designed, culturally appropriate questions are key to obtaining accurate and representative results that clients use with confidence in their projects.

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We’ll design and administer a survey to help you better meet the needs of your constituents.

“One of our biggest attributes as a firm is we are methodical and process-oriented, but we don’t let ourselves get bogged down. We are problem solvers, working with our clients to clearly outline and support their steps forward.”

Jamie Hansen

Principal Consultant & CEO
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