Public Engagement

Ensuring Productive Dialogue

Alaskans care about having a voice in decisions that impact our future. It is critical to have clear and accessible channels of communication in any public process. This is not a one-size-fits-all method for every community. Public engagement must be tailored to reach a desired audience, and facilitated to ensure productive dialogue takes place.

Information Insights offers a full range of public engagement services. We facilitate in-person community meetings, support online community engagement, conduct stakeholder interviews, design and lead focus groups, and facilitate formal public input processes. We work frequently in both rural and urban Alaska, designing processes to engage the public and bring stakeholders together. We often combine traditional and new outreach tools, including public information websites, social media, information graphics, online surveys, and Instant Insights, an audience polling system.

The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t interrupt public engagement for Information Insights’ clients, because we were quickly able to pivot to utilizing creative remote engagement tools to reach audiences across Alaska. In an uncertain world adapting to the possibilities and options presented by remote work, we are still flexible to work with clients to find what works. In addition to in-person public process support, we are able to custom design extensive remote public engagement.

Examples of Public Engagement

“During the FNSB Air Quality Stakeholders Group meetings, we had the benefit of spending time with 60 people from across the community over a six month period. There were a lot of hard conversations, but at the end we had buy-in from over 90% of stakeholders.”

Jana Pierce

Advisor, Information Insights
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