The Story of Information Insights

It all started with a chance introduction.

Information Insights founders, Ellen Ganley and Brian Rogers, were introduced at a Governor’s inaugural ceremony in 1994. Ellen was keen to find work that aligned with her career in supporting public health and human services, building on her leadership in conducting quality assurance reviews of human service programs, and in serving as a substance abuse counselor and program administrator. A longtime Fairbanksan, Brian’s varied career (at that date) included serving as an Alaska State Legislator, freelancing as a journalist, serving as the University of Alaska’s vice president for finance and budget director, and facilitating stakeholder processes and the analysis of complex issues in the areas of public policy, finance, management, and systems change.

They partnered on one project together, which led to another, which led to assembling a team of other smart Alaskans interested in solving problems to successfully address the next project. This raised an interesting conundrum: this growing group of people needed health insurance to continue supporting themselves in doing this work that they enjoyed.

Information Insights Founders

Thus, Information Insights was officially founded in 1996.

Started in Fairbanks, Alaska, where the firm is still headquartered, the business was established to address the key community needs for evidence-based public policy, specifically public health research and stakeholder and executive-level facilitation around difficult topics.

At its heart, Information Insights retained the core culture and approach from its earliest days with Ellen and Brian: Information Insights existed to solve problems and do excellent work that contributed back to the state of Alaska.

 The firm was and always has been fortunate to draw intelligent, capable, and committed staff whose dedication to our clients’ interests and projects grew long-lasting relationships over the course of the corporation’s 25+ years in business. Information Insights’ ability to thrive and grow is rooted in our internal dynamism, which is always evolving alongside the state of Alaska and the needs of clients.

In 2022, the firm secured certification from the Small Business Administration as a Women-Owned Small Business.

Now, Information Insights continues to deliver innovative, workable solutions in a wide variety of areas, including energy, finance, and business planning, for public, nonprofit, tribal, and corporate organizations. We are proud to have served Alaska for over 25 years and look forward to the next 25!

Founders and Current Owners

In the early days of Information Insights and well beyond, founders, Ellen Ganley and Brian Rogers, collaborated with Rick Lonn, Sherry Modrow, and Doug Toelle, co-founders and owners, to establish the business and build out the work portfolio.

Information Insights is proud to partner with founders and former owners, Brian Rogers and Sherry Modrow, through Brian Rogers and Associates. We continue to serve our community and clients with advising and leadership from current owners.

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