Strategic & Business Planning

Picture this: it’s annual planning time.

You and your full team gather together. You spend days talking through your strategic plan for the coming year; you invest weeks afterwards fine-tuning the wording to make sure the plan is just right. The document you compile is a work of art – and immediately shelved once it’s time to actually get to work. Maybe an unforeseen event came up, such as a change in capacity, or a global pandemic, and rendered the carefully laid plan irrelevant. Or, maybe the plan didn’t account for emerging opportunities. Whatever the reason, the plan is outdated almost immediately upon completion.

We’ve been there.

In a rapidly changing world, Information Insights works with clients to develop strategic plans that focus on the core of your organization, agency, or business, and plan outward from there. Our planning process supports nimble decision making and growth, even (and especially) amidst uncertainty. Our planning process draws on full team thinking and discussion, pulling in facilitation expertise to ensure you are hearing from everyone on your team.

We help our clients focus on the heart of strategic decision making as a whole, empowering a sense of buy-in and responsibility at all levels of an organization. At the end of the strategic planning process, our clients are empowered with a deeper, shared sense of understanding of how to make strategic decisions as opportunities or obstacles emerge, where to emphasize focus and growth for the future, and why their work matters.

But for many organizations, strategy is just one piece of the puzzle. Business planning for new concepts or to refresh or expand existing ones bring in the data needed to inform strategic decision making. From a market analysis to financial projections, a business plan serves as that implementation plan that you can take to funders to turn a concept into a reality.

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“In any group you have a few individuals who will speak up, and many who won’t. [Information Insights] allows you to find out what everyone is thinking about the issues.”

Delisa Culpepper

Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

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