Giving Back

Committed to Supporting the Community

Community engagement is intrinsic to Information Insights’ identity. Everyone that works with the firm – from our staff, partners, clients, and owners – is in some way working on issues that matter across Alaska. For our business, this commitment to do good work transcends office hours. Our staff look for meaningful opportunities to give back to our community and our state. As a corporation, we sponsor and make in-kind contributions to events throughout the year. Information Insights also supports employees’ volunteer work by compensating pro bono time provided to nonprofit organizations of their choice.
Here are some of the organizations our staff have volunteered their time with recently:

A lot of the projects we work on have a direct benefit for the community.

“I think we do what we do because we live here. We have relationships in our state. Along with our clients, we are really trying to make sure we live in a community that we’re proud of. This is our, and my responsibility as a member of this community.”

Jamie Hansen

Owner, Chief Executive Officer, and Principal Consultant

“Prior to starting with the firm, I was volunteering outside of work. I looked at my job as paid, and volunteering as meaningful. But, working with Information Insights, I realized the projects I was working on were also ones I’d want to volunteer for in my spare time. A lot of the projects we work on have a direct benefit for the community.”

Lauren Criss-Carboy

Senior Associate, Information Insights

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